TGS staff

Gamecock Country Fear not G-Nation, the podcast took a hiatus during the Christmas and new years holidays. During which it was discussed to reformat and tweak it to become, hopefully even better. So expect the next podcast, TGS Episode 23 to be released this coming weekend. Ron and all the […]

Where’s Ron & the TGS Podcast?

Columbia, SC The jury may still be out on Kurt Roper. Whatever the variables you may point out as the reason to not pull the plug on South Carolina’s first year offensive coordinator just yet; reasons ranging from a young roster and keeping the play book overly simple to not […]

Not sold on Roper.

Columbia SC Everyone in Gamecock nation is back and forth. Your either for Muschamp or against Muschamp. Those in camp ‘A’ point to last season and the recruiting mess left behind and the work ethic and fundamental flaws taught by the previous staff, as the catalyst of why we are […]

Nothing to lose with Muschamp.