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This game scares me. It should scare you too nation. So many times the Gamecocks have been on the verge of something great only to stub their toes on Kentucky, at night, in Lexington. Don’t let their record and collapses fool you, they have weapons. What do we need to do to win?  Glad you asked:

McIlwain, more specifically his accuracy.  The only true knock on the freshman leader is missing passes that he really shouldn’t be. Wide open receivers, either over thrown or under thrown these are needed completions. Hitting receivers in the secondary opens up the run game. And we need a run game. Passing accuracy isn’t alone in aiding the running game.

The offensive line. OK, to be blatantly honest, if you can’t show up and provide protection or open running lanes against the conference tragedy known as the Wildcats defense; then go ahead and pack it up until UMASS. Don’t even dress out. The local high school team could block against these guys, successfully.  A bad performance here would shift the ‘ fire Elliot’ rumblings into overdrive and more than likely hammer in the final mail in his career in Columbia. Guys your man hold is in question, you’ve been called out.

Secondary, needs to have anot her performance like last week. With the weapons Kentucky has which plays right into Carolina’s weakness ( mobile quarterback and three solid backs), my guess is Muschamp plays an extra linebacker to act as a spy and rely on man to man coverage in the secondary dating Stephen Johnson to throw down field.

And special teams. I have the crazy feeling this will decide the game. Special teams have been money so far this year.  If Sean Kelly can pin then deep every time abs the defense not play bend or break, Kentucky is better built to score in the red zone, we will have a much better chance of leaving Lexington with the win.

However, the biggest threat to the Gamecocks won’t be if they can stop UK, nor will it be if we can outscore themy, with a stagnant offense.  It will be the energy. We are going on the road to what amounts to a habitual headache for the Gamecocks.  Again not to mention at night with perhaps their season on the line and Mark Stoops job hang on with it.  This team may be like Mississippi state. We can’t allow them that edge. Not if we are going to show the future is bright for the Gamecocks in the SEC East.

Prediction: S. Carolina 24 – Kentucky 17


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