Not sold on Roper.

Columbia, SC

The jury may still be out on Kurt Roper. Whatever the variables you may point out as the reason to not pull the plug on South Carolina’s first year offensive coordinator just yet; reasons ranging from a young roster and keeping the play book overly simple to not having the time to have his system fully installed, I have to admit I am not sold. My opinion? Kurt gets one more year.
Looking back over his career outside of his run at Duke, has been vastly disappointing. Ole Miss: one good year with Eli Manning, granted, but everything else was so so. And while Eli may have two Super Bowl rings he is not an elite qb, certainly not on the technique side. His rings were more so generated out of luck and a very good defense.Tennessee: he coached Arian Foster as assistant runnings back coach and the year they were competing for a national title Roper was only a graduate assistant. Anything Cleveland Browns offense is something you may want to stricken from any records and resumes. And Florida, sure he only had one season, but nonetheless there’s a reason Muschamp’s not there. Say what you will about the state of the program when he took over, it’s still Florida, you get talent. So about that Duke run. Impressive? Yes. But it is the ACC. And at that time, the ACC was being dominated by every other conference in college football. So how hard is it to set records against the glorified MAC?          Everywhere he was successful, one could argue it was because David Cutcliffe was by his side. On his own as offensive coordinator, disappointing. My point is, with all the up and coming coordinators out there why would Muschamp even bring an element from his failure from his last job, more so the side of the ball that cost him is job? Why chance it?
This confuses me the most. All the bluster by Muschamp and annoyance he displayed at having to answer about what he learned from his time at Florida, yet he brings back a guy that may not be the direct reason for his termination, but was still at fault for not improving the offense. While the critic in me says release him now, find the right guy, get a jump on the offense, be progressive; the level head in me says give the guy two years. One year to implement the system and if in year two with almost the entire offense returning, especially the skill positions there is no improvements and USC is till lingering at the bottom of the SEC in total offense;  Kurt has to go.

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