Nov. 2 2015 Top 5 coaches

top 5 nov


Tom Herman: +3 positions

  • Rumors swirling that he is unhappy with whole situation in Houston.
  • Sources claim Tanner has been watching Herman for a while now.
  • USC plane has reportedly been spotted a few times in Houston/Dallas.
  • Tanner was in College Station during this weeks game.
  • Continues to dominate opponents, most recently Vanderbilt. More so than Carolina did.

Shawn Elliot: +2 positions

  • Has the support of the players.
  • Including Lattimore, who has been recently established to the search committee.
  • Keep in mind this guy only has a 6 week trial, anyone else would get 2-3 years.
  • Showed signs of improvement on offense.
  • Would be a long time coach, this is where he has always wanted to be.

Justin Fuente: – 2 positions

  • Dropped only because 2 other coaches improved.
  • Virgina tech is looking more like his destination.
  • Still is one of the hottest young coaches out there.
  • Undefeated and rising, with a perennial doormat no less.

Kirby Smart: – 1 position

  • Still a possibility, but stock is dropping with every major job opening. ( VaTech, and possibly UGA)
  • Throwing out his interest is beginning to come off as price gouging, either for a raise from Bama or next employer.
  • Unproven outside of traditional powers, especially for said cost- expect further decline.

Chad Morris: 0 neutral

  • Still here because he has expressed interest.
  • Knows how to recruit the area.
  • Clemson inside information.
  • Innovative and modern offense.
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