Opening weekend sweep

Founders Park: 

And like that the baseball season is off! Great game play by the Gamecocks results in a sweep of the University of Albany. Albany from the American East, who went 14-28 (7-13) last season, just couldn’t stand toe to toe with a Carolina team who look rejuvenated. Granted it was one series, out of conference, nonetheless  this looked like a team from the Tanner era: solid defense and disciplined two factors lacking big time since Holbrook took the reins. Now one thing I personally like about Holbrook is he allows the guys to swing the bat. Drove me crazy watching the small ball Tanner lived by ( not knocking him, it was highly effective, just not enjoyable to watch). Gamecocks leads the conference in opening play with a 1.00 ERA & .114 OPA. USC recorded 30k’s total in all 3 games. A couple weak points from last season defense and the bullpen; both showed up for the opening series with the defense fielding a .983 avg committing 2 errors in one game and zero errors in two others. The bullpen held the opponent scoreless in 11 innings of work and tallied 13 strikeouts.

Game 1: 10-1 Schmidt (1-0) 6 innings 6k 3h Game 2: 6-2 Webb (1-0) 6 innings 5k 1hr         Game 3: 8-1 Bowers (1-0) 1.1 innings 2w 2k                      Widener (started) 5.0 innings 2h 6k

Next opponent:

2/23: Appalachian state 4pm

2/24: Winthrop 4pm




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