Quick thoughts: SEC tourney locations

SEC logo. Google images.
SEC logo. Google images.

Hoover, AL: 

With the recent news of Nashville putting in a bid to host the SEC baseball tournament over the next few years; removing it from its traditional spot down in Hoover, had me thinking – how can we make this better? Hoover is the home of the SEC and all its big events including media days. Most people don’t have the chance to drive down to Alabama to catch the excitement of post season play. My thoughts on this: the SEC is known for sharing. As in sharing it’s bowl winnings, which helps keep all schools profitable and competitve. So why not with the tournaments? There are two options I would like to see. 1: rotate the hosting city. Every year have one of the SEC teams host. So every 14 years fans who would not be able to see a tournament would then have a better opportunity; also this would share the money and enrich these communities. Or 2: the team who wins either the regular season or tournament would then host the following years tournament. This would add something more to the regular season or tournament, and I feel would give something extra to play harder. Either way, ticket sale profit could be shared like the bowl winnings. Just a thought, what do you think?

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