TGS Top 5 coaching list: 11/09


Tom Herman : still tops this list; working in his favor is his track record of breaking records at every school he has been. Ohio state is certainly not the same since he left Urban Meyers side, and Houston is finding ways to stay unbeaten. He remains the leading candidate because when you let emotions go you can’t help but see this guy is proven and would lead South Carolina to the forefront in the reemergence of the SEC East.

Shawn Elliott : is a solid #2. His drive and passion seeps through even strong each and every game. His proclamation that this is his dream job and wants to be here speaks volumes for the kind of coach we need; who better to dig his roots down into South Carolina soil than a man born into the Gamecock country? Not to mention the undeniable relentlessness his is able to pull from these kids, they love the man and lay it all out on the line for him every snap. The only thing keeping him from the top is his track record: 1-2 as a head coach and the fact the offensive line has never been that good during his tenure at USC.

Justin Fuente: has fallen further back, a distant 3rd. While still undeniable what he has managed to do at Memphis his loss last week hurt his stock a little coupled with how inconsistent Ole Miss has shown to be. Would still be a good hire but only if the other two are passed by for whatever reason. Rumors swirl he may end up at Virginia Tech.

Kirby Smart: is slowly drifting out the top 5 with every new top job opening. Rumors about Mark Richt’s demise have changed his “tide” toward Georgia. We believe he is putting his interest out there as a money grab, to try and squeeze more money out of Notre Dame. Is he worth the money it would take to lure him away from Bama? And how much of his accomplishments are his? Or are they Bamas? LSU? Saban? Not to mention defensive coordinators recent failures as HCs has hurt is stock some.

Chad Morris: we need a 5th. It’s a top 5 list and he’s expressed interest. We don’t believe it would fall beyond Elliot, if Herman turns it down it’s Elliots job in our opinion. Don’t get us wrong Morris would be a great hire, very innovative and talented with an eye for recruiting, i.e. Deshaun Watson and Chad Kelly.

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