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Columbia SC

2-3. One win away from tying last seasons mark, yet a very different looking team. At this point it is safe to say we are who we are. A young team who is stagnant on offense, an overrated offensive line, and a defense who had improved greatly. Coming into the season I wasn’t expecting much. In fact all I was wanting to see this season, realistically, was improved techniques on defense, a much improved conditioning program, and at least one more win than last season. While it is difficult to sit there and lose every week, especially to teams like Kentucky, I have been trying to not get to upset and remind myself this is our programs growing pains. We were left in shambles by the previous staff, perhaps we were blinded by spectacle that comes with being on top, either way we stopped paying attention to how lax recruiting was becoming. The new staff has its work cut out for itself, give them some time to right the recruiting ship. It will take at least another year for the Gamecocks to become contenders in the east, but take solace in the fact that while this team is young, there are future stars on this team. Outside of McIlwain, who I believe is not the answer gamecock nation is looking for; AJ and Rico look to be a great 1-2 punch, Edwards looks to have the deep threat needed to keep a defense honest, and what more needs to be said that Hayden’s actions haven’t said already? Most importantly, these are young guys that Will Muschamp brought in last year when he took the reigns. If these are the athletes he landed in such a narrow window imagine this next class, with the likes of OreTre Smith and Shi Smith. As for defense? This was expected to improve, a Will Muschamp defense always improves. If anything, we can see this season the coaches Muschamp has brought together, are very good at talent evaluation. I agree we should absolutely continue to try and win now, I caution to remain calm and think rationale, let these guys continue to develop our players.

TGS Staff

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